Belevion srl

A fast moving world-wide market creates the need for a constant supply of raw resources thus requiring creation and development of exploration projects. Optimal solutions are essential to speed up this search quest and to meet the ever present request for maximum amount of results with limited available resources.
BELEVION comes to meet these various goals of exploration and connected activities by offering a wide range of geological and geophysical services as an elegant tool for discovery and targeting. Why elegant? Because they are fast, precise and inexpensive. Closing the circle, BELEVION is offering DD and RQ drilling services, through its partner TEHNOFOR.
The company, since 1992, did IP, ground magnetic and radiometric surveys in countries as: Romania, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Slovakia, Papua New Guinea, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia. Companies as BHP, Barrick Gold, Lundin Mining, Alacer Gold, Aldridge Minerals, Gabriel Resources, European Goldfields, Carpathian Gold (now Euro Sun Mining) and Eldorado Gold was between our clients.

As well, the company started, 5 years ago, developing a high potential exploration project in Romania, ASCUTITA MARE porphyry copper and skarn, owned by HYBRID Energy, an independent vehicle partly hold by BELEVION people. At the present the project is running with the 4th drilling campaign, with in fill holes to calculate resources. BELEVION is looking for a partner to finance the project.