The 3d MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum will be held in Skopje, The Republic of Macedonia on 12-14 June 2018 under the theme “Sustainable development of the Western Tethyan metallogenic resources”.

The forum organised on 12-13 June will bring together mining companies, EU and regional officials, investors, consultants and technology companies to discuss opportunities and challenges of developing sustainable mining in the countries of the Western Tethyan metallogenic belt.

The Mining Project panels will highlight significant recent discoveries, development projects and emerging greenfield prospects in Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and other countries of Western Tethyan belt.

Mining innovation and technical sessions will provide a platform for the presentation of the EU-funded and International projects aimed at developing innovative and sustainable approaches to tackles challenges in the mining value chain. The sessions will feature presentations of cutting-edge technologies and   innovation cases related to different stages in the mining value-chain: Exploration and Extraction innovations; Automation for mineral prospecting and extraction; Airborne Geophysics; Intelligent Mining; Low-Impact Mining; Real-Time Exploration; Re-opening abandoned mines; Underground and Underwater exploration; Geomodels and data management; Mining Mobility Solutions; Resource characterisation/Rolling forecasting; In-situ core logging; Drone-based magnetic surveying; Trackless mines; Hardrock continuous mining; Process control and data management; Mineral processing and much more.

“The Circular Economy and Sustainability in Mining” roundtable discussion will become the central part of the Forum. It will give the opportunity to Mining Companies, Government representatives, Investors and NGOs to voice their concerns and discuss ways for closer collaboration, for developing long-run mining sustainability across the Western Tethyan Mining regions.

MineTech Europe mining innovation and challenges competition will be organised alongside the Forum offering platform for companies, start-ups and Universities to present their projects and innovative solutions to a jury panel of leading mining companies and investors. The objective of the competition is to showcase best available technologies and innovative solutions to develop and further enhance Europe’s global technological leadership in mining.

Day trips to mine sites operated by the Macedonian and International companies will be organised after the Forum on 14 June.