Extraco SA is a private manufacturing and trading company, established in 1984 in Greece.
The company operates in the field of commercial explosives used in mines, quarries and construction works.
The company operates a unique complex of modern and safe magazines with capacity of 400 tons for explosives, 3.000.000 pcs detonators of all types & 1.000.000 m of detonating cord.
This means that everything the customer may needs is always available on time !
Furthermore, Extraco has developed its own technology in civil explosive materials production.
Modern, fully automated operation ensures consistent product quality and maximum safety.
At our plant based in Tanagra/Greece we produce ANFO, Amonite, Emulsion explosives and Nonel detonators.
The company has also its own fleet of ADR trucks, so deliveries of goods are 100% guaranteed !
Extraco also has its own equipment for bulk explosives (mobile units for on site production of bulk products, such ANFO – ANFO/matrix blends – gased emulsion) for surface (MEMU truck) and underground (SSE units)
We would like to mention also that Extraco is the leader in the Greek market while has a significant export activity on all Balkan countries (Albania, Bulgaria, MK, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia etc).
Extraco SA is the owner of another factory (NITROCHEM SA) for civil explosives in north part of Greece, at the area of Lofiskos (area of Lagadas, aprox 30 km away from Thessaloniki).

• storage capacity 250 tons for high explosives, 20.000.000 pcs of detonators & 900 tons Ammonium Nitrate
• own production line for ANFO
• 10 ADR trucks for daily deliveries of explosives & detonators on site

More info you can find at our web pages www.extraco.gr & www.nitrochem.gr